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To improve system operations and reduce the impact of application outages, we devised PlexSpy.

To make integrating CICS on z/OS with Web Apps easy, we created CICS Content Delivery Server.


With PlexSpy you can visualise the entire CICS footprint of your business applications – Regions, transactions, programs, files, in fact all resource types and aspects of CICS region performance – from a single web browser page. You could reduce mean time to diagnose issues in your CICS environment by up to 90%

PlexSpy will improve key support processes, help to anticipate issues, and facilitate a rapid restoration of service.

Using PlexSpy will result in increased end-user satisfaction through improved responsiveness from IT Support.

By eliminating uncertainty and doubt about the status of your CICS based applications and establishing what is really happening to the specific infrastructure upon which they rely, you will improve your responsiveness to business needs.

PlexSpy supports efforts to optimise IT infrastructure and improve key service management processes, such as those defined by the IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®).

The need for governance and compliance is a requirement in business, but recent regulatory legislation such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has made it even more relevant to the business of IT. PlexSpy can help to implement compliance-related initiatives.

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CICS Content Delivery Server ( CICS CDS )

Uses Web Browser driven processes that allow applications to be created, edited & managed.

Once defined, applications are served to web clients upon request.

Complex applications can be constructed using a number of useful features such as symbols, linked records, freeform text and CICS Document Templates.

Ajax Calls can be made to CICS programs from within the served web application to provide data needed by that application.

Data can be passed to the called CICS program as required either by COMMAREA or using Containers. Web responses can be JSON, HTML, XML, csv, text, etc

CICS CDS is easy to use. Technical resources with limited or no mainframe expertise can be productive using it.

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