Making Innovating with CICS Easy

Simplify your systems integration processes


Ease of Use

Your technology staff may not have the experience or expertise to successfully develop, test, implement and support web apps integrated with CICS.

Creating bespoke CICS web applications can be multi-faceted but we can take away the strain

  • No Mainframe expertise required
  • Simple application definition
  • Easy edit process
  • Simple file upload
  • Drag & Drop directly into CICS
  • Cut & Paste directly into CICS

Stress Free

If you need to implement a third-tier solution, you will face a number of initial and ongoing challenges.

  • No off-host, third tier required
  • Create sophisticated Web pages and apps very easily
  • Manage & verify your pages as you implement them
  • Integrate existing code with web applications

Free Trial

Only by trying the software will a full appreciation of its capabilities be attained.

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You probably have ongoing concerns about the security of your systems and worry about it when planning new services.

IBM's System z is arguably the most securable technology platform in the world.

All of the standard CICS on z/OS security facilities can be employed to protect your business

  • Eliminate web vulnerabilities by using CICS as a web server.
  • Reduce exposure to server-side cyber attacks. It is not possible to ‘inject’ anything into CICS. It can only execute what is there already and under your control.

Scalable & Resilient

Do you fear for your service levels in relation to system performance and scalability?

CICS processes many billions of transactions every day around the world. Many business critical systems are underpinned by CICS.

  • CICS applications can be architected to cope with incredibly high volumes.

Integrated Open Source

You need to be certain that the javascripts you use are fully under your control.

A number of popular Open Source resources are integrated and can be served from CICS Content Delivery Server.

The following Open Source offerings are already integrated:

  • Dojo Toolkit
  • JQuery
  • Font Awsome
  • JQuery UI
  • RGraph
  • Chart.js
  • D3.js
  • Vue
  • React
  • Others

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Consulting Services

Our Directors have helped companies get the most from their investment in CICS in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Oceania. From day to day administrative processes and trouble-shooting to one-off upgrade or architecture definition and build projects, we have seen many of the challenges faced by business using CICS in their operation. We have installed and implemented CICSPlex SM at a number of sites and helped business to exploit it at many others.

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